Mélissa (Luna Estrella) & Sébastien

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We are globe-trotter and parents of three children, Melian 4 years old, Mio 2 years old and Maori 2 months old, born in Mexico during our world tour. For my first child in 2015, we received a Little Wrap Without a Knot as a birth present.
Babywearing has been a big revelation for us and we had a real crush for this wrap.
While traveling, we never used the pushchair because it is too complicated. So when we discovered the baby carrier PhysioCarrier, it was a real game-changer for our trip… so convenient for the walks and the naps. Children can sleep, observe, suckle and discover the world while their need for being close to us is fulfilled.
Today, we never go somewhere without our baby carrier. We can’t imagine to travel or just walk without it. With my last child, Maori, I also discovered the JPMBB Original wrap and we had a real crush once again.
Maori spends his days in it or in the PhysioCarrier when days are too hot.
Thanks Love Radius as now babywearing is part of our life !