Baby carriers Baby carriers

Baby carriers

Carry your child from 0 to 36 months (from 6 months without the extension kit). Ultra comfy in all seasons and physiological, the HoodieCarrier and the PhysioCarrier accompany you for little sleep at home as well as long walks to the other side of the world.
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Baby wraps Baby wraps

Baby wraps

For the first months, nothing will ever equal the baby wrap and the skin to skin it allows. This promotes heat regulation, lactation, oxytocin ... You will have your hands free! For babies, the wrap allows you to make a transition with the mother's womb by prolonging the feeling of security. The physiological position leads to better digestion and therefore less reflux, colic.
All the baby wraps How to choose?
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Myths and fears about babywearing

Carrying his baby protects him from everything?

Hmmmm… Not quite! Certainly we feel ourselves growing wings, or rather arms when we discover babywearing , we feel “connected” to Baby BUT even if this proximity brings you a priori more reactivity, it does not protect Baby from very real external risks. of your environment.

Always pay attention to the Baby's breathing and ventilation . Always maintain your vigilance for Baby and your immediate environment. It may happen that we trip, for example, or that Baby moves his head during sleep ...

Babywearing is "magic"

Despite the praise you've probably read about babywearing , know that a baby carrier is (almost) nothing without the parent carrying it. You will certainly find “magic” the moment when Baby will fall asleep in 20 seconds in the baby carrier or the sling, but know that it was almost nothing . You just answered her need to be close to her parent and to have a rocking :-)

Will my child get used to it?

A reassured child is a self-confident child who will discover independence on his own without a feeling of abandonment. During the first months of life, infants need the contact of their parents. He will very quickly find on his own other means to reassure himself and to discover the world. Listen to him, listen to yourself.

A newborn baby has no wants, he has needs , any concept of "whim" and blackmail is irrelevant. People surprisingly quickly forget that an infant does not have the same social behavior as a 4 year old, nor even that it does not have the nerve endings and the brain development to carry out “blackmail” methods. , power, “manipulation”… The bond of attachment is an essential component of the development of the Baby and of being.

On the hip in a JPMBB baby sling

Babywearing is a chick thing ...

We are in the 21st century. It's okay to be a man and the criteria for manhood have changed a bit in the past few years! :-)

In addition to all the benefits for the baby and the discovery of a very close relationship with him, you can continue to do Mr. activities and discover the strong power of seduction that babywearing has on women, watch out for going out to the park, ladies!

Just as true, but more seriously, there are as many Moms as there are Dads at ateliers as on the users corner Love Radius. On the Side in a JPMBB baby sling  Double Hammock Back in JPMBB carrying sling

Tying knots seems too complicated to me.

Tying a knot and sliding your baby in takes one to three minutes when you are used to it. The Love Radius wrap (The Original JPMBB or BASIC) allows you to tie the knot beforehand and put on and take off the baby without re-tying. It’s not much more complicated than tying your laces.

The tutorial videos , the workshops, the FAQ , the Users' Corner and our social networks: you are never alone with your wrap if you have a doubt or a need. It is also quite possible to learn on your own, with a pillow as a baby.

With a baby carrier, you will have even fewer adjustments!

JPMBB carrying wrap in the workshop

I have been told that stretch is not good ...

The Love Radius wraps (Original JPMBB and BASIC) are designed as a hybrid between woven and knitted, it is not a simple stretch wrap. There are several stretch/soft wraps. Some are simple cotton jersey, not very wide and indeed not very durable. More info on le textile Love Radius.

The Little Knotless Scarf offers light cushioning.

While having a real and secure support, you and baby can have your free movements, especially the carrying shoulder. decentered belly wrap

I'm afraid my baby will fall off the sling.

This fear comes from the ignorance of the babywearing in a sling. Parents' confidence in this technique will come gradually as they become familiar with this tool.

Like any means of carrying, the use of slings requires learning of the knots and the positions they allow, as well as respect for the safety rules essential to a good babywearing .

As you observe your baby, you will realize that he has innate carrying skills. Carry it on your arms to see how it positions itself against you. This is a good prerequisite for wearing in a sling.


I can't see myself tying a knot in the street…

With the stretch wrap, you can tie your knot once and for all without worrying about the fabric on the floor . With the basic knot also you can put on and take out baby without undoing the knot.

Ventral Décentré in JPMBB carrying sling

Isn't the child at risk of slipping and falling?

In practice, once the knotting is in place with the baby, even if the knot is untied, the child does not “fall”, just as if you have your laces undone strong> when walking, the shoe does not fall, it will loosen and you will feel it without instantly losing the shoe.

The carrying sling mechanically reproduces the same support and anchoring system as a classic baby carrier: baby is held under the buttocks , between the legs, on back, shoulders, neck. The wearer has 2 shoulder straps and a lap belt. What differs is the possibility of completely tailoring and distributing the weight and traction on the back and hips, thus obtaining more comfort.