Our philosophy

Our «philosophy» is to pass on babywearing not only as a convenient tool, but mainly as a great way for parents to listen to their child and to themselves, to gain self-confidence and regain free will and autonomy, which isn’t easy to keep during pregnancy.


To us, babywearing is as important as any other aspect of parenting, because it usually happens at the very beginning of parenthood and of the adult – child connection. It is decisive and helps build the fundation of the future communication between the adult and the child, who in turn will become an adult.


We discovered babywearing when we were given a wrap as a gift after our first child was born.
Babywearing started as a gift and remained a gift to us: a gift both to the adult and the child, that’s how we experience it and how we want to share it.


Babywearing is a lot about sharing «knowledge»: know how to trust yourself, know your Baby, know his needs and reality.
When doing the instruction booklet and tutorial videos, we were careful to keep on passing this on, with responsible sales and marketing practices, for those who cannot come to a workshop.


We wish to offer a real customer service so that people can wear their kids longer and try carries that at first they thought were too intimidating for beginners.


Our philosophy is also constant flexibility, research, questions… this is how the JPMBB wrap was born and why it’s different from others. This is why we train babywearing instructors and why it takes us such a long time to design new products.




A JPMBB’s tale

As we try to write this presentation, our three boys are in a medieval knights and dragons phase… So Hail, we’ll just do this Middle Ages-style:

Once upon a fugitive time,
Five winters and four summers ago
Came down from a tree a tiny goblin
A tiny goblin who drank milk

To our family he came and with him he brought
From his good fairy a rare present
A piece of fabric that is worn

Close to Mommy, close to Daddy grow up he did
High enough carried, whispering to their ears
About how to love without words
How to listen when no one talks

Fertility was high
And too much love had worn the fabric down
Long have we looked for a replacement
To carry Goblin #2

Far in the mountains we looked
For the thread that will tense and not break
And from the cape of a swordless knight
JPMBB was knit into the light

In some villages it met only closed doors
A new lingo can be hard to hear
But from faraway kingdoms now are seen
Mothers and wise men wearing their tiny bean

Now on the roads and village fairs
Skilled merchants your eyes want to fool
But one must know
That our fine cotton is worth more than a couple farthing

Fertility comes again, and with it Goblin #3.
And many more surprises you soon will see.


If you don’t like the Middle Ages and want to know more (and more seriously) about our philosophy, click here.


What is JPMBB?

Je Porte Mon Bébé is the adventure of a father and a mother, whose story you can read in the «JPMBB’s tale» section of this website.


This adventure has become a company about which you can read more in the «legal» section. Learn more about our philosophy.


It’s also enthusiastic babywearing instructors we hope are next door to you, and distributors.


But on a larger scale, JPMBB is really YOU and every other user that has trusted us from the beginning, just as they have trusted themselves. A huge thanks to all of you. XXX