Betty Van Aken
Baby Wearing Consultant

Mother of two children, I am a nurse by profession, take care of others, share and exchange led me to this job.
In 2013 we welcomed our son, this little being who brought us on the path of mothering, with whom we discovered a world unknown until then, with still vague terms such as porterage, breastfeeding until weaning. natural, free motricity and many more! The point that has occupied, and still occupies a lot of space in our lives, is the portage.
Before anything else, we practiced hand-carry: what a joy to feel his newborn against him, soothe him gently and feel him relax. Then quickly we discovered the physiological portage, but also the whole existing community around, formed of caring parents, transmitting with joy their knowledge and experience.
In a short time I share photos, videos under the pseudo little zen pandas. I had the chance to meet the creators of  Love Radius for photo shoots at the release of the BASIC wrap.
I then had the desire to train myself to deepen my theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to share in my turn with families having the desire to embark on the adventure of the portage and to be able to advise them at best for them .
My daughter joined us in 2015 and showed me that one child is not the other, two little beings so different and especially in matters of portering! By my profession of nurse, I could see how the portage can be a tool of care, a mediation for each of the members of the family, a great help both at home and on the move.
The training and these experiences of life served me to accompany, from 2014 to date, parents in individual and collective workshops by being at the closest of their needs and those of their baby.
My best victory? See my husband learn in turn his friends just dads to do the basic knot where to adjust their Physiocarrier like pros.