Compliance and quality control – Love Radius® baby carriers

May 2019 – Mandatory mentions – BASIC Wrap

April 2019 – Corrective action for white elastics: PhysioCarrier All Grey


April 2019 – Corrective action to prevent from fabric slip: Little Wrap Without A Knot


07/03/2017 – Conformity update: Little Wrap Without A Knot pad

You can, if wanted, ask for the replacement of your pad by sending an email at

All Je Porte Mon Bébé babywearing products meet the safety requirements. Lab tests are conducted in France according to the specifications of the European Standard for Baby Carriers NF EN 13209-2. (shrinkage, perspiration colorfastness, flammability, wear and tear, mechanical resistance, marking, packaging, absence or limited presence of heavy metals, formaldehyde, azoic dyes…).
After these mandatory lab tests, we conduct additional tests to meet our quality requirements. These additional controls are meant to check the resistance of fabric and dye to regular washes, UV resistance, composition, stretching (overstretch), density, fuzziness, resistance of the dye to frequent rubbing, to saliva, pH.
All dyes and fabric treatments comply with the Oeko-tex 100 standards.
JPMBB products and the carries shown in our videos are in constant research and evolution with the collaboration of specialists of newborn psychomotricity and postpartum physiology. This goes way beyond the NF EN 13209-2 European standard requirements, which disregards Baby’s physiology or his developmental stages.
Our first and foremost objective is to promote babywearing and holding in the respect of Baby’s psychomotor development.