Estelle aka @stl__ou

We have been physiologically carrying with Love Radius for over a year. My second child, Louis, was and still is a baby with very strong needs of capacity and reassurance. During his first year, he cried a lot, could not stand or be lost.Baby wearing has allowed us to meet his needs, while creating with him a wonderful link, which continues. Today I can say, baby carrying saved our lives. Our habits changed gradually, until we only used the baby wrap or the baby carrier. Whether at home or for any outing.The babycarrying has become a point so representative of the link with my son that it has become a tattoo, inspired by a photo of us, to always keep this image of fusion, prolongation of pregnancy. I have wonderful memories of babywearing, especially one where, in front of my rounded profile, a supermarket employee directed me to the priority crates, thinking me pregnant!