Isabelle Godillon

I’m a mum of four children, aged of 10, 8, 6 and 1. All born in the French Overseas Territories that we have been discovering for 15 years. Even before their birth, carrying our future baby was obvious for us and we were right!

Babywearing is perfect for their needs: contact (and our need to feel them on us), sleep (even the little insomniacs fall sometimes asleep!), observing (always) and suckling (a lot). Light and convenient, it is perfect for traveling, especially during the long waiting time in the airports…

For our latest baby, the Physiocarrier charmed us thanks to its easy installation (required with four children…) and is lightness: no more heat problem, even in the hottest days. In our back, she is observing our family’s life without missing a thing.

At home, for the naps, shopping, walks or during the week-end on the small island…there is no time off for our PhysioCarrier!