Karine André

I started to learn about baby wearing during my pregnancy. In particular, I read Claude-Suzanne Didierjean-Jouveau’s book “Porter bébé” which is awesome! The Doctor explains among other things the great need of physical contact that babies have and how the portage can reassure him, to help him find himself on familiar ground against his parents.
I was already convinced before giving birth!

After the birth, my husband and I quickly carried our son with different baby carriers and baby wraps. It was very convenient to walk around the neighborhood or go shopping.
For some time now I’ve been using Love Radius HoodieCarrier which first of all pleased me a lot with its design (which looks like a gray hoodie: my everyday outfit!) It’s super comfortable, easy to wear. settle and my son is both well maintained and comfortable. A compromise that I find ideal between the wrap and the baby carrier.
Every day in the middle of the morning I take him in the HoodieCarrier and he accompanies me in all my movements in the apartment.
I really love this connection, feeling it against me, watching the world at our height and participating in my activities in this way. This is our moment for both of us and there is not a single day without us serving it at least once.

Whenever Corto sees us install the baby carrier, he laughs, raises his arms and expresses his joy. We know that he is waiting for this moment and appreciates it as much as we do! ;-)