Lolita Costet-antunes

Carry my baby? The question did not even arise.

I was pregnant and inevitably it was going to take me a baby wrap. Carrying seemed to me (and still seems to me) a natural and natural transition after giving birth.

It quickly became extremely practical! Being a “mom on tour” from my job means: travel, transport (train, plane, bus), suitcases, bags, montages, dismantling, restaurants, hotels, visits, sometimes festivals, and so on :-) Hence the importance of having your hands free.

Porting was our solution in different situations:

- When we needed our “Minibout” to fall asleep quickly.
- During filmed moments and where it was important that he did not wake up
- For lack of space for a stroller (behind the scenes, in places not very accessible)

I remember once when we had to do a full spin of our show and nobody could keep baby. One of the technicians carried it in a baby carrier that (at the same time) managed sound and light! Show must go on … :-)