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Lorette Michallon
Baby Wearing Consultant

I runs the Slingababy baby-carrying school. I have trained people from over 20 countries and has consultants on every continent! I’m also a trainer for L’Ecole à Porter with  Love Radius. When I became pregnant with my son Samuel in 2010 I stumbled across Je Porte Mon Bébé by chance and their thorough approach and Original wrap resonated with my wanting to carry and be buggy-free.

After his birth, the love for their wrap and their being together led me to train as a consultant with Love Radius in 2011.This session ended up being one of these unforgettable moments. It led to deep friendships, new understandings, new outlooks, new learnings and a love for training! I then went on to attend a further 6 baby-carrying courses and opened my own school with a deep emphasis on supporting families through their unique journeys. My relationship with Love Radius grew from strength to strength and they brought their unique course to the UK.

The cross of cultures and languages make for the funniest of moments as well as deep and meaningful ones. A highlight in my journey with  Love Radius has to be when they released their ringsling and I got to be carried by my colleague Laurianne!