Plus beau souvernir de portage

Marie, Alex, Luan

We are 3 in this family – soon 4 – Alex, Marie, & Luan, 18 months old.
We live in the bush surrounded by wild animals in Zimbabwe. An important thing for us was to integrate Luan into our life. We have not changed anything! We returned to the bush 1 month after his birth, and we went back to our respective jobs: safari guide for my husband and safari camp manager for myself. Except this time, I had Luan with me constantly!
Portage was then THE solution that allowed us to live this life. We preferred the wrap for the first 6 months, then the PhysioCarrier we still use today. In portage we do: Cycling, hiking, boat trips, horseback riding, but also cleaning … or just cuddly moments!
Our most beautiful memory of portage? When Luan, carried by his dad in the PhysioCarrier, approached for the first time an elephant. A magic moment! Thank you porting, thank you  Love Radius!