Marie Marchand-Arvier

After my delivery, I immediately wanted to “move” again. Obviously, this is not done without Baby; I first put on a  Love Radius wrap and quickly went with a more sporty baby carrier in front carry then back carry. Our daughter immediately loved it (YES!!!) and we started to go hiking in the mountains with the family. These are opportunities to do good for everyone, mom, dad and baby! ”

Some anecdotes?

We live in Val d’Isère and the mountain is full of weather surprises. One day, we went on a family walk with a cloudy but not threatening weather. After an hour of walking, the weather has spoiled and the snow has arrived!

As young parents, we are a little afraid that baby will get cold or wake up! We hurry to get home, but baby was nestled in his wrap against mom and did not flinch!

Since this adventure, we thought that baby wearing was magic and that we would be able to make pretty outings!

Dad has been carrying his daughter since she started to be heavy. They are both happy … as long as it continues, because I pull my tongue behind them ;-)