LoveRadius 2

Minoé illustrations


Few time before the birth of my first baby, Merlin, I yield to the temptation and bought a Little Wrap Without a Knot, in a beautiful little store of clothes for pregnant women. Right back home, I realized the usefulness of this purchase.

My hands were free, my baby was so calm, snuggling against my heart. Night tears and colics was a distant memory.
Discovering the world at my height, my baby grown up and gained self-assurance. I started carrying my baby everyday.
When I had my second child, Achille, I realized even more how much babywearing is precious. I think it helps Merlin to accept his little brother, without envy, because my hands were free for taking care of him, thanks to the Original Wrap. Today, babywearing is only occasional, when Achille get tired during walks for example. I loan the Original Wrap to all my friends and cousins… until I need it a third time, who knows…