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I am Kali, mother of three children (Willow, 7, Ayleen 4 and Nao 10 months). I am a photographer specialized in mothering. Having been a baby carried by my own mother, it was obvious that I was going to wear it too. I started carrying with Love Radius when my first child was born. In my life as a surrogate mother, I have seen Original, Basic, PESN, but also a hoodie and a physiocarrier. Each of these means of wearing keeps its place at home when I make infidelities to my woven wraps.

I still remember when my grand was 12 months old and accompanied me in photo shooting. He was in my back in Original JPMBB and was looking at hardback books while I was working. Porter is a constant happiness, a continuity of pregnancy. My daughter often wore a little “teddy bear” hat in a sling. Several times I have been asked very seriously if I was walking a teddy bear. Carrying is basic at home and I hope that the transmission will continue with our children.