Love Radius, by JPMBB baby wearing workshops in Paris and Europe.

You can try the specific knots and positions adapted to this wrap and buy if you’re interested (some instructors do not offer sale). The workshop price varies and can be refundable depending on the instructors.

The workshop lasts about two hours. It is open to dads, moms and children. You can come before or after the birth.

The instructors have completed the L’École-à-Porter, by JPMBB 2-3 days training and other babywearing instruction programs to help you the best. Use of the sling remains the responsibility of the user. Follow label instructions, videos on the site and the safety rules.

Worshops Paris (12)

Saturday October 26th 9h30

Saturday October 26th 13h30

Samedi November 9th 9h30 et 13h30

Wednesday November 20th 16h

Saturday November 30th 9h30 et 13h30


Animations Magasins (sur inscription auprès du magasin)


Mercredi 23/10 – Autour de bébé Saint Maur (36) : 14h / 17h

Jeudi 24/10 – Bébé 9 Mondeville : 14h / 17h

Mardi 29/10 – Autour de Bébé Saint-Parres-aux-Tertres : 15h / 18h

Vendredi 08/11 – Bébé 9 Barentin : 15h / 18h

Mercredi 13/11 – Orchestra St Jean de la Ruelle (45) : 14h / 17h

Mercredi 20/11 – Bébé 9 Gonfreville (76) : 15h / 18h

Mercredi 27/11 – IDKIDS Faches-Thumesnil (59) : 14h / 17h

Mercredi 04/12 – Bébé 9 Mayenne (53) : 14h / 16h