Baby carriers
Carry your child from 0 to 36 months (from 6 months without the extension kit). Ultra comfy in all seasons and physiological, the HoodieCarrier and the PhysioCarrier accompany you for little sleep at home as well as long walks to the other side of the world.
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Baby wraps
For the first months, nothing will ever equal the baby wrap and the skin to skin it allows. This promotes heat regulation, lactation, oxytocin ... You will have your hands free! For babies, the wrap allows you to make a transition with the mother's womb by prolonging the feeling of security. The physiological position leads to better digestion and therefore less reflux, colic.
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Ring Slings
Diaper Bag
The diaper bag that continues where others leave off! Additional hip seat (4-22 months). Changing bag attachments for prams, suitcases, baby carriers... Waterproof cover included. 5 positions to carry the bag. Multiple storage compartments for parents' and children's belongings. Removable waterproof bag for wet clothes / soiled nappies. A bag that you will use even without baby!
Parent's Hoodie
Your diaper bag is just a diaper bag. My CaravanBAG is a hip seat, a baby blanket, hangs to my  baby carrier and also a dude bag. We are not the same.

Sac à langer

Diaper bag
to continue where
others stop you

CaravanBAG version Warm Silver

CaravanBAG only 59 €

Warm Silver
CaravanBAG version Warm Silver

CaravanBAG only 59 €

Warm Silver
CaravanBAG version Warm Silver

CaravanBAG + Cover 69 €

Warm Silver
CaravanBAG version Warm Silver

CaravanBAG + Cover 69 €

Warm Silver
CaravanBAG version Warm Silver

CaravanBAG Ultimate Pack! 59.25 € 79 €

Warm Silver
CaravanBAG version Warm Silver

CaravanBAG Ultimate Pack! 59.25 € 79 €

Warm Silver
Excellent! Based on 52 reviews
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  • Ease of use
  • Is this baby carrier useful?
  • Does it make me closer to Baby?
  • 29 mai 2024

    LE porte bébé

    Ni trop grand, ni trop petit, avec toutes les poches nécessaires, et le porte biberon !! Parfait.

    I liked : la taille, Fonction porte bébé , Les poches

  • 22 mai 2024

    Protection utile pour les gros randonneurs qui por

    Très simple . Uniquement utile pour ceux qui portent lors de randonnées sous la pluie. Compatible avec n'importe quel porte bébé où les pieds dépassent.

    I liked : Simple , Compatible toutes sortes de porte bébé

  • 22 mai 2024


    Très pratique

    • Ease of use
    • Is this baby carrier useful?
    • Does it make me closer to Baby?
    • Produit concerné
      CaravanBAG seul - Black
  • 22 mai 2024

    Ok l’adore

    Sacc parfait. Pour le quotidien. Pour porter bébé sur la hanche quelques minutes le temps d’aller jusqu’à la voiture. On l’adore. On regrette juste qu’il ne soit pas imperméable mais il est fourni avec une housse anti pluie :)

    I liked : Pratique, Multifonctions , Joli

  • 22 mai 2024

    On ne l’a pas encore utilisé mais recu rapidement, semble solide !

Not convinced?

  • But it's just a fanny pack?

    Non, the CaravanBAG is not just fanny pack

    • A fanny pack is not suitable for organizing baby's things
    • A fanny pack cannot be used as a Hip Seat
    • A fanny pack does not have a baby carrier cover (in the CaravanBAG + Cover and Ultimate Pack versions)
    • A fanny pack does not have as much capacity
  • What's more than a baby changing bag?

    • Unlike a standard diaper bag, the CaravanBag doubles as a Hip Seat
    • Unlike a standard diaper bag, the CaravanBag attaches to a baby carrier
    • Unlike a standard diaper bag, the CaravanBag has a water-repellent baby carrier cover*
    • Unlike a standard diaper bag, the CaravanBag can also be worn around the hip
    • Compared to a standard diaper bag, the CaravanBag is less bulky, for as much carrying capacity

    And above all, it's a unisex diaper bag that Dad will want to keep for himself!

    Besides these elements, you will see the difference with a 60 euros changing bag in its daily use (I promise!) 

    Features €60 diaper bagThe CaravanBAG
    Multiple compartmentalized storage ✔️ ✔️
    Bottle holder (but dedicated space inside)  ✔️
    Stroller/suitcase attachment system ✔️ ✔️
    Baby Carrier Cover   ✔️*
    Separate waterproof bag for dirty diapers    ✔️**
    Changing mat included ✔️ ✔️*
    Certified Hip Seat booster carry function   ✔️
    5 possible positions to carry the bag   ✔️
    Hanging system on baby carrier   ✔️
    Removable rain cover   ✔️**
    Removable pocket ✔️  
    Expandable bag usable for hiking (not all, backpacks but less practical)  ✔️
    Handsome!   ✔️

    *only in the versions CaravanBAG + Baby Carrier Cover and CaravanBAG Ultimate Pack

    **only in the CaravanBAG Ultimate Pack version!

  • How is the CaravanBag a sustainable diaper bag?

    Our way of making sustainable products is to give a sober look to childcare products and usable without babies when possible.

    The CaravanBag is no exception! With its original and simple look, it can be used even when baby grows up. On a hike, on a trip, there is not a place where it will not be able to accompany you in all practicality.

    Its design means that it is not only suitable for baby things but also all the miscellaneous items for Mr. and Mrs.: bottle holder that turns into a bottle holder, a telephone compartment, pocket for the keys...

  • YES, it's €79 but...

    The Caravan Bag is a changing bag with the price of 3 products in 1

    • 1 FUNCTIONAL bag, designed for your daily life with and without baby
    • 1 Hip seat that can partially replace your carrying device
    • 1 baby carrier cover that also fulfills the role of a changing sheet (only in the CaravanBAG + Baby carrier cover and Ultimate Pack versions)

    We would have liked to offer to you the Ultimate Pack version at a more affordable price. Unfortunately, between its conception and its production, more than a year and a half has passed. Like you, we are suffering from inflation and rising prices from our suppliers.

    And what happened during these years? 

    • The war in Ukraine
    • Increase in the cost of transportation 
    • Increase in the cost of oil 
    • Increase in the cost of cardboard 
    • Increase in the cost of electricity
    • Increase in the cost of raw materialsCours du pétrole

    The oil price between September 2020 and September 2022 - Polyester being an oil derivative, it is closely linked to the same price and suffers the same repercussions. 


    All raw materials come from China, which is their expertise. Instead of bringing the materials from different places to France, we have chosen to bring the finished product to France for sustainable and financial reasons

    Love Radius supports 16 families and needs to make a living from exports to continue to exist. We cannot only sell online. This export also provides a living for an important network of resellers. 

    If you don't need a waterproof bag to separate layers and clean clothes and a rain cover for your bag, there is the CaravanBAG + Baby Carrier version at 79€. 

    If you don't need the baby carrier cover, the waterproof bag and the rain protection, you have the CaravanBAG only version at 59€. 

  • Will it be better stored than in a garbage bag?

    "Yeah." - Dimitri Sédéché, storage expert

  • Comment le CaravanBAG est-il homogué aide au portage d'appoint ?

  • Quand recevrai-je mon produit ?

  • Comment renvoyer mon produit ?



  • 20*30*15cm
  • Internal capacity: 9 L
  • External capacity: 20 L
  • Bottle pocket capacity: 1.5 L
  • The size of a 9L mid size but the total capacity of a large 30L backpack.
  • Reinforced bottom 1680D
  • Always make sure that when the bag is attached to a stroller, it does not cause the stroller to tip over (forwards or backwards, depending on its design) and thus cause the child to fall out

Detail of the hooks:

  • Removable shoulder strap or sling/hip seat
  • Pair of attachment loops : on your stroller, baby carrier, backpack ...
  • Adjustable straps for attachment to stroller or carrier attachment loops
  • Top "tote" compression straps
  • Side compression straps

Not all diaper bags are created equal.

To put in the birth kit
Classic diaper bag CaravanBAG
Put away ALL of Baby's things ✔ 
Isolate wet stuff from the rest ✔ **
Hanging your bag on your stroller
Adjusting the height of the bag under the stroller
Shallow bag with easy access Sometimes
Carrying a diaper sheet with you ✔ *
Carrying a hip seat with you
Carrying a blanket with you ✔ *
Be able to wear a bulky garment
Attaching the bag to the baby carrier
Hang your bag on your suitcase Sometimes
Hanging your bag on your bike
Using your bag outside of your life as a young parent Yeah...
All-in-one, compact solution
Unisex Rather rare
Less is more approach ?
Hyper leather goods bag and cuuute Some do it very well Unfortunately not️
Carry your bag as a fanny pack, across your shoulder, by the handle
Carry your bag on your shoulder, side, front or back
Carry your bag cross-legged, straight
*Excepted CaravanBag only
**Ultimate Pack only

Carry more. Less tired

Sit baby on your hip, you have an approved hip seat.

This multi-functional changing bag is also an aid to extra carrying. Adjust your adjustable shoulder strap and carry comfortably, without tiring.

4-22m. 7-12kg.

Store more. In less.

The CaravanBAG is the right compromise between the small changing bag that is too full or the large empty bag. Choose a large capacity changing bag to put away ALL Baby's things without taking up too much space.

9L internal + 20L external.

Wear your bulky clothes, jacket, down jacket, a sling, a baby carrier in the tote straps.

Hang on. Hang on. Hang on.

Hang it everywhere: stroller, baby carrier, suitcase, bike...

The choice is yours! Thanks to the included straps, you can attach the CaravanBag wherever you want depending on the place and time. And for the first time for a changing bag, it attaches to your baby carrier: the extra support you need for more mobility.

Protect more.

Baby rain cover included to protect baby from rain, wind and bad people.

Baby is dry and no longer gets the wind in his face!

Whether your baby is in your arms, in a baby carrier, your wrap or even a stroller,
the baby rain cover is also a changing pad for your everyday adventures. The CaravanBAG is also a waterproof changing bag thanks to its removable rain cover included in its secret pocket!

Store better. In less.

Organize your bag with compartments designed to make your daily life easier. Wider than it is deep, you'll always have everything at hand.

2 large main pockets with double sliders and 9 total compartments*.

inner band for pots, power bank, phone

1 soft fleece compartment to not scratch the glass of your glasses or phone screen

1 side pocket with 2 compartments for small items (hydro gel, pacifier, keys ...)

1 side pocket bottle holder

1 pocket against the carrier for the removable baby cover

1 hidden bottom pocket for the removable rain cover and buckles

1 strap for keys

1 removable waterproof bag

Use longer. Waste less.

CaravanBAG is not limited to the first months of your baby's life.

It will remain your constant companion in addition to your life as a parent. Whether you're hiking, traveling, at the beach or at the coffee shop, it will never leave your side
The ideal bag for the family, YES, but ALSO for Mr. and Mrs.

Five ways to carry your bag.

Hip, shoulder, back, crossed, straight, with strap or belt, by the handle... Vary the positions!

Sac à langer bandoulière ? ✔
Sac à dos à langer ? ✔
Sac à langer banane ? ✔
Sac 5 positions ancrable sur porte-bébé et poussette ? ✔

[Forget the feeling of having your arm in a cast because it's just useful for holding the bag, the bag falling off your shoulder when you bend over... The belt position will save you from all that. There is no situation where the CaravanBAG does not fit you.

Stay dry.

Waterproof bag included and removable. To keep spare clothes dry or separate wet clothes and soiled diapers.

and cool.

Ventilated mesh fabric with openwork. The air circulates to adapt to all seasons.

But what will I look like?

Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag
Caravan Bag

Half of the parents are fathers...
...and they only have two hands.

To put in the birth kit
À mettre dans le trousseau de naissance

So does the other half.
Let's work as a team!

To put in the birth kit
I bought three products for the price of one: diaper bag, hip seat and baby carrier cover, so who's the smart one? José Clever, expert in buying sustainable stuff No more spelunking to find the keys at the bottom of the bag! Nathalie, the miracle of the lost pacifier accident I love putting my glasses or phone in the scratch-free fleece pocket. Alain Wacky, optician The hip seat fits my mindset perfectly + it's so cute! Djazon Anglicisme I got both my arms and both my hands back, without surgery, thanks to the CaravanBAG Marceline Exajerate

Image of Love Radius Babies Grown Up!