Our 2 Baby carriers Our 2 Baby carriers
Carry your child from 0 to 36 months (from 6 months without the extension kit). Ultra comfy in all seasons and physiological, the HoodieCarrier and the PhysioCarrier accompany you for little sleep at home as well as long walks to the other side of the world.
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For the first months, nothing will ever equal the baby wrap and the skin to skin it allows. This promotes heat regulation, lactation, oxytocin ... You will have your hands free! For babies, the wrap allows you to make a transition with the mother's womb by prolonging the feeling of security. The physiological position leads to better digestion and therefore less reflux, colic.
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The diaper bag that continues where others leave off! Additional hip seat (4-22 months). Changing bag attachments for prams, suitcases, baby carriers... Waterproof cover included. 5 positions to carry the bag. Multiple storage compartments for parents' and children's belongings. Removable waterproof bag for wet clothes / soiled nappies. A bag that you will use even without baby!
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How to put a sling - Step by step tutorial

You have chosen a sling to carry your baby. Quite practical thanks to its rings but still a blow to take at the beginning!

Here is our step by step and video tutorial to accompany you at best in the installation of the sling without knot and baby.

Difficulty: Easy (promised)

Materials Needed:

mother carrying her baby in a sling

How to put a sling ?

Step 1: Choose the color worn and the side on which to carry baby

The No Tie Little Wrap is reversible so two colors you can alternate depending on your mood. Then, the sling carry is asymmetrical which means that only one shoulder is commandeered for the carry. So choose your strong shoulder or the one you feel like :)

Step 2: Place the rings on the opposite side

Place the rings in the hollow of your shoulder, sling back covering the shoulder and forearm.

Step 3: Pass the hem in the back and under the armpit

With your hand on the side you are wearing, reach for the hem closest to your spine and pass it under your armpit.

Step 4: Gather the fabric by making pleats

Fronze the fabric without turning the fabric, keeping it the same color.

Step 5: Pull the fabric inside the two rings

Pick the bottom of the fabric and pull it inside the two rings, from the bottom up and pull. Everything should be the same color.

Step 6: Pull the hanging piece of fabric inside the rings

  • Take the top corner of the piece of fabric
  • Spread the two rings
  • Pass the corner of the other color over the ring farthest from your face and then pass it through the ring closest to your face
  • Pull the fabric and check that it is the other color that is visible
  • Pull horizontally so that the fabric is spread out around the entire circumference of the ring

Pre-adjusting the sling

The goal is to optimize the setup and make it as quick as possible.

Step 1: Tuck your hand inside the sling

On the side you're carrying, you have like this big pocket to hold baby.

  • Rent your hand (the one on the side you're carrying) inside
  • Your elbow should be planted in the bottom flap to simulate baby's bottom

Step 2: Adjust the fabric so that it fits more snugly

Pull the bottom or outer part of the pan to tighten it through the rings.

How to carry baby in a sling

Now that you have set up and adjusted your sling you will be able to install baby in your sling without knots and in a physiological position.

Step 1: Unfold the pocket that will hold baby

The bottom hem should be tighter than the top hem.

Step 2: Place baby high on your shoulder and pass the feet

  • Put baby high on your free shoulder
  • Support baby under his buttocks with your arm
  • Pass baby's feet through the inside of the wrap

Step 3: Unfold the pouch on baby

  • Hold baby with your forearm under his buttocks
  • Raise the top hem over baby's back to under his neck
  • Check that the bottom hem is in the crook of his knees and that his knees are pulled up and tucked under

Step 4: Create a seat for baby

  • Lightly lift baby
  • Spread the bottom edge around the buttocks in the hollow of the knees
  • This should create a seat

Step 5: Adjust the wrap fabric into a sun shape

  • Take the top edge of the wrap flap
  • Pull towards the baby's face
  • Do the same thing all the way around the ring (every 5 cm), in a sun shape to fit well

To prevent the rings from coming down, always support baby under the buttocks and then pull the fabric from the rings. Adjust baby's position in your arms to after adjust with the wrap.

Step 6: Adjust and support position

  • Always have two fingers between chin and chest
  • Arms bent and toward the face
  • Slip the piece of cloth behind baby's head, wedging it with the top edge of the wrap as if to form a coil