Baby carriers
Carry your child from 0 to 36 months (from 6 months without the extension kit). Ultra comfy in all seasons and physiological, the HoodieCarrier and the PhysioCarrier accompany you for little sleep at home as well as long walks to the other side of the world.
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Baby wraps
For the first months, nothing will ever equal the baby wrap and the skin to skin it allows. This promotes heat regulation, lactation, oxytocin ... You will have your hands free! For babies, the wrap allows you to make a transition with the mother's womb by prolonging the feeling of security. The physiological position leads to better digestion and therefore less reflux, colic.
All the baby wraps How to choose?
Ring Slings
Diaper Bag
The diaper bag that continues where others leave off! Additional hip seat (4-22 months). Changing bag attachments for prams, suitcases, baby carriers... Waterproof cover included. 5 positions to carry the bag. Multiple storage compartments for parents' and children's belongings. Removable waterproof bag for wet clothes / soiled nappies. A bag that you will use even without baby!
Parent's Hoodie

My baby doesn’t like me : a thought you shouldn't have !

If you are in a hurry...

Baby loves you, don't worry about it. There may be times when you don't have his full attention or good mood because of:

  • d’une absence prolongée d’un parent
  • an educational role VS a recreational role
  • natural affinities

This is only temporary!

Baby doesn't smile at you, rejects you, seems to prefer his other parent. Does he finally like you? This is a natural question to ask. Above all, rest assured, he loves you! Stay with us to discover the reasons for his behavior. .

A parent's or another person's preference

Daddy comes home from work and baby is all happy. He wants to be held with his little eyes twinkling after sulking at mom all day.

Mom leaves the room and baby starts to cry while Dad stays with him.

Are these situations familiar to you?

It seems that he prefers one parent to the other! But is it really a preference?

Don't worry, it's normal for baby to have periods when he "prefers" other people to you. It's a common occurrence. We know this saddens you, but there's no room for ego!

This is only temporary. The length of time varies depending on your child's personality or daily life.

What's more, your baby has HIS or her own attachment figure who is needed from birth. And it's usually his mother, the person who spends the most time with him! It is therefore with you that the bond is strongest and with whom he feels safe. Know that babywearing in wraps or carriers encourages the creation of this magnificent bond of unfailing attachment despite appearances.

Learn more about : Attachment theory

Why is baby different with me?

Well, it depends! You spend all day with baby and yet it's the nanny he smiles at? And you, you have the honor to his excesses of anger?

Unfair! But he is reassured by your side and still considers you as a part of him. Don't doubt yourselves as parents, soon he won't be able to let you out of his sight.  

However, there are several reasons for this "preference":

  • prolonged absence
  • a parent who is more "strict" than the other: dad is there to play and mom is there to set the rules, or vice versa (it's easier to go for what's fun and easy, right?)
  • natural affinities

There are no real rules, each child is different and the family environment inevitably impacts your relationships.

If you practice babywearing, your baby is stuck to you and you respond perfectly and quickly to his needs. He trusts you and does not need to attract your attention. It's already very beautiful, isn't it?

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What to do then?

No room for jealousy (yes, we try!). We try instead:

Take a step back

Complaining, sadness or jealousy is natural. However, taking a step back from the situation and questioning yourself remains the best thing to do.

Bye to the negative feelings and energies that will certainly not make this phase pass more quickly.

Do not encourage preference

If you are the lucky one, don't consciously or unconsciously encourage the situation: "So we prefer mom/dad?". And vice versa, if you are the unlucky one in the story.

Leave room for each parent

Even if baby wants to spend time with one person, let the other parent take their place.

One day it's daddy giving the bath, the next day it's mommy. Take a walk in a baby carrier with one parent and then the other one on another day to relax.

Share the pleasant and unpleasant moments, don't have only one role per parent figure :)

Bébé en randonnée avec papa avec un porte bébé

Have confidence in yourself and in him

Don't give up, trust yourself and continue to take care of him while adding light moments of play and laughter.

Above all, don't be ashamed and don't judge yourself too harshly. We all go through these moments of doubt and questioning. We are not perfect but as long as we give our unconditional love and care, we will be fine!

If the situation tends to really last, don't hesitate to ask for advice from a psychologist or a child psychiatrist who will find underlying reasons and adapted solutions to help you.